Introduction to Large Format Photography


Introduction to Large Format Photography

Instructors: Alex Bishop-Thorpe & Aurelia Carbone

This introductory workshop covers the basics of Large Format photography.

Participants will gain experience with both field (Speed Graphic 4×5 cameras) and view cameras (Horseman 4×5 studio camera). Various hand-held light metering methods will be discussed.

Working as a group we will explore the differences between field and view cameras and their movements using instant Positive/Negative material (New55 Black and White instant film). Students will then have the opportunity to compose and shoot their own images onto instant material or sheet film. Workshop participants will also learn how to load and shoot sheet film (Delta 100), and hand process the film using hangers in the darkroom.

The workshop will cover:

  • Camera movements & their applications
  • Loading sheet film into film holders (darkslides, double-darks)
  • Using instant film with large format cameras
  • Light metering methods
  • Processing sheet film
  • What to look for when shopping for a camera of your own

Strictly limited to 3 participants.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Analogue Laboratory
154 Angas Street

0408 377 017


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